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Quiff - The Magical Goblin

Quiff Needs to Eat Sometimes!
I Love Quiff. He's the best goblin I've ever met. I sit down and have lunch with him sometimes. We had a lovely picnic last night!

Quiff is an engineer vendor in Netherstorm. I love coming to him. He has a VERY value thing in his possesion that I'm ALWAYS in need of. Khorium Power Core. This thing can be bought for 4g 80s and resold for roughly 250g+

Be warned the core is a rare spawn item so you might not catch it on your first or second try. If you're an goblin engineer, then build the dimensional ripper to Area 52, and use it EVERY cooldown. Why? Because those 10 seconds of teleporting there and having lunch with Quiff, might net you an easy 250g.

While I'm here I also pick up the pets that are unlimited in supply. His name is Dealer Rashaad and sells 8 pets. I buy them and mail them off to my bank alt where they're posted at pretty good amounts of profit. Just be careful to not flood the market with them, as if you do, you might end up selling them for less than what you bought the pet for.


Rabbit_Scribe said...

Holy smokes- that was easy! Got on a dusty 60 in HFP, just flew due north to Netherstorm & Area 52, there it was. I'll check that toon every few hours & hopefully make a few hundred a day for no work to speak off. Thanks, best of luck, and have fun!

Zantetsukenz said...

Quiff also sells Adamantite Frames for around 4g which on my server go from anything between 40-50g; also the frames spawn quite regularly. If you feel adventurous there is also a vendor in the stormspire who sells the frames and a random mote. If your lucky you might get some motes of air to.

Both these vendors also include felsteel tubes and other engineering stuff.

Toffel said...

You have some amazing tips on your blog, very nice :)

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