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 There are several BOA enchants out there for Melee DPS, but there is one enchant that cannot be made by enchanters, in fact it's crafted by blacksmiths. Still don't know what I'm talking about?

Many people think that crusader is the best in game enchant for melee DPS, I always beg to differ, as the way I see it, killing stuff faster is more efficient than a proc on hit effect.

Plans: Iron Counterweight
That's right. Iron Counterweights are a great alternative to that so desired crusader or any other type of silly enchant. The thing with this is, that it enchants a weapon to grant 20 Melee haste. 20 haste at low levels is extremely good, it makes you attack 52% faster at level 1. I can't even imagine two of these on a level one, 104% haste for the win?

The materials for this item are very cheap if I must say, I managed to snag all of the materials for under 5g. I can then, craft the item and list them for about 100g. I've sold a couple above 100g, but I've found 100g to be the "sweet spot" for this counterweight. They're cheap to craft, low risk and can yield high returns, what more could you ask for?

I know what more you could ask for! These plans are semi-rare, they pop on the auction house quite a bit though, and they're regularly cheap, I've snagged about three or four over the course of two weeks, why? Because it allows me to control the market. If people don't have access to the plans, there is no competition, if there is no competition, it allows me to list as many as I like at whatever price I want.You've got yourself a niche market!

Add the plans for this item to your snatch list or memory, and watch for it on the Auction House, Craft them once you manage to snag it!


Cold said...

Nice post, but these can only be applied to 2handed weapons.

Shiva said...

Actually, it adds 20 haste rating, not 20 melee haste.

However only ~3 caster classes can actually take advantage of this, Moonkin, Tree and Holy Paladin

Anonymous said...

I just wonder how many of these 'gold tips' have ever made any money as opposed to people claiming they have made money

PVP Guide said...

@Anonymous, All the guide tips listed on this site have been very helpful. It's not like someone is selling us information, it's here for free.

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