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Are you a scribe? No? You better become one!

Boy oh boy... Inscription... This profession should be renamed to Gold Printing. Honestly, they should rename it to that. I recently leveled a Death Knight to 65, leveled inscription on him and started mass crafting as many glyphs as possible... man was I surprised at the outcome!

First things first. I have been a scribe twice pre 4.0. Both times I did not craft glyphs, I simply bought herbs, milled them, made inks, and I'd make Vellums, Offhands, and Runescrolls. I never made glyphs until about a week ago. I regret not doing so, because quite frankly inscription is a never ending gold mine. There is so much gold to be made here, and it's so easy! What got me interested in inscription again, was reading how people made well over 30-100k+ just from patch 4.0.

I started off with 1,000g. I blew through that leveling inscription to roughly 200. I blew through another 900g before reaching 350. Now, that might seem like a lot, but that 1900g investment has turned into 10,000g over the course of 4 days.

What do I do? What addons do I use?
Well what you do is first, is level a scribe to about 400. Unlike other professions, the items you make while leveling can be sold for huge profits, don't vendor anything that you make instead post the items at the auction house. Once you're at 400 you want to buy or farm a TON of higher level Northrend herbs. Mill them and make as many inks as possible. I normally split the amount of inks I have in 7 evenly, and craft as many glyphs as possible. I'm still new to the market so I though this was the best way to get to know it. I suggest you do the same, split your total inks of the sea evenly and trade them in at Jessica Sellers, Located in the inscription house at Dalaran.Stop once you've done this. You're going to need an addons' help with the next step.

The addon is called Auction Profit Master, also formerly known as Quick Auctions. I did not know a single thing about Quick Auctions, I tried it once and hated it because quite frankly I didn't have a clue what I was doing. I used this excellent Quick Auctions Guide posted by Markco. Follow those steps, it only took me a matter of minutes to do everything. Once that is set up, What I do is do scan of the auction house ( Step 11 on Markco's Guide ) and craft the glyphs that are going for the most, I have been crafting every single glyph lately, But I do not recommend this if you do not have that much liquid gold to spend.

Once you figure out which glyphs are going for the best prices, you'll want to go to the auction house and hit post. Now a button will pop up, normally you'd click it but thanks to the JMTC IRC, I now have a macro that allows me to spam it and it acts like I'm clicking the button. Here is the macro:

/click AuctionProfitMasterPostButton
Spam that macro while posting, and spam the macro below while canceling
/click AuctionProfitMasterCancelButton

Now don't get me wrong, you're probably going to look at this post and be like... Mageshadow that's a LOT of stuff to do! While it seems like a lot, It actually doesn't take that long, and I promise after everything is set up properly, you'll be making thousands upon thousands of gold. My girlfriend made 4,000g almost overnight! I was shocked, and she wasn't even using Quick Auctions, think about how much gold she could of made if she was! 6000g? 8000g? 10,000g?

P.S. Leroy, You're awesome
P.P.S. I love you Kendra :)


JNau said...

I'm really glad that you are finding our auction helpful in your endeavors! (I'll use the word our loosely because Sapu does almost all the work).

Two little tips. The first is that you can bind the key using WoW's regular Keybinding interface (this was released a few weeks ago).

In addition, if you ever need to create a macro to click a button, you can find out what the button is called by using the wow command /framestack. This will show you a list of all the different unique names for the various elements on the screen. Try it out when the post frame is up, since you already know the names of those buttons it should be pretty easy for you to quickly understand what the various elements represent.

Take care and good luck. (BTW, 10k is setting your sights too low! I pulled in a little over 80k in glyphs on 4.0.1 patch day)

Anonymous said...

With glyphs taking 3x as many inks now it's not as profitable as it once was. It's still good, but not what it used to be.

The Coin Master said...

JNau, I only made 10k because I started glyphs a good two weeks after patch day.

Zenith said...

Whatever you do, DON'T drop your Inscription profession. There are still off-hands, Darkmoon cards and the new lottery tickets...fortune cards.

See my blog for more details.

LeRoy said...

Ahahah he did it.

Cold said...

I bet many scribes will drop out of the market all together due to the changes of the profession combined with the breaking of auto posters. Should mean a bigger piece of the pie for those of us that still plug away in that market.

Anonymous said...

The experience on my server has been more or less the same. I raked in over 120k the week the patch came out, so I'm feeling pretty good for cataclysm (though I'm hearing that lvl 85 epics are going to cost around 500g for a full set repair!).

As far as the competition goes, instead of getting more competition I've actually seen LESS competition as the tediousness of clicking the post button 300 times (seriously, there are over 300 glyphs) is extremely time consuming and tedious. The profit is there for those who want to spend the time doing so, but it seems that most people have simply given up trying lately.

Occasionally I'll see someone new, and they hold out for a few days and then disappear as the 5 of us "hardcore" AH PvPers undercut them into oblivion. I'm kinda angry at Blizzard for making this change that seems on the face of it like a deterrence to people like me, but in reality just creates an even bigger barrier to entry to those who aren't already set up as glyph sellers.

Bigjimm said...

Well done, sir! You've been putting out great stuff recently, and so I thought some people should take a look.

GL! /bow


Anonymous said...

I have about 200 auctions of glyphs up at a time, but there are anywhere from 7-10 active scribes in my market, so I'm usually undercut in 30 minutes to an hour. There's still gold to be made, but seeing 4-5k a night is pretty much out the window at this point.

With that said, I've brought in about 11k over the last week, so I'm not exactly complaining :)

Mads said...

Currently I make around 3k every time I post spending between 10 to 30 mins every time. I post 3 times a day: Before I go to work, when I get home, and before I go to bed. Obviously some days are better than other and when I have the time and post more than that my sales go up almost on a linear scale.

Inscription is much more than just selling glyphs on the AH. You first of all have to work out a posting strategy. Then you also need to think about your sourcing, production and storage.

Anonymous said...

Inscription has been out for what, 2 years now?
Glyphs have always made more money than any other trade profession by a factor of 10.
This needed a post...

Vayaz said...

You can combine those 2 commands into a single macro, as you will obviously never be posting and canceling at the same time.

/click AuctionProfitMasterPostButton
/click AuctionProfitMasterCancelButton

Bind this to mousewheel-up or mousewheel-down then (or preferably both) for maximum "watching TV while posting" experience!

Mike said...

My problem with the glyph market is that it is a finite one. Once a person buys the glyphs they want, boom they are done. You can no longer track the market seeing which sell the most as all that indicates is that, that particular glyph market will dry up soon. Also on my server a stack of NR herbs averages 20-30g a stack. With a max possible ink of 8 to a min of 4 per stack, that means realistically glyphs should sell for no less than 16g each but undercutters have taken the 50g glyph to 12g and i am beginning to lose money. That being said I have made approx 70k but 30 of that has been reinvested into mats. Am I doing something wrong here?

PVP Guide said...

Inscription has always been overlooked since it was created, and I don't know why.

Thanks for the post.

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