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Patch 4.0.3a - Were You Prepared?

Man. It's been heck a of week for me

For one I milled thousands upon thousands of stacks of herbs in the last 72 hours. I milled roughly 1700 stacks of herbs. I've been like a chicken with it's head cut off, running wild, trying to get all the information possible into my head, trying to do these last minute things. I managed pretty well, but I wish I would of started earlier.

Now I'm asking myself... was I prepared? Do I have enough? Will it be enough? Did I miss something? Did I remember to do _______ ?

Were you prepared?
I know for a fact, that when you mill 1700 stacks of herbs in the last 72 hours before a patch, that you're not prepared. This patch hit me almost blindly, I milled and crafted items up until the very last minute. Why? There has been speculation that Jessica Sellers, will no longer trade inks of the sea for other inks, instead she will be trading Blackfallow Inks.

I managed to snag a couple recipes that might be gone in cataclysm as well, I wish I could of grabbed more though, as I can see them going for insane prices, like the Thistle Tea Recipe.

Now ask yourself, were you prepared for this? Did you forget to grab something? Do you have enough? Will it last?

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Mike said...

No Damn it, no I was not prepared... I found glyphmas late in the event and though I've made over 100k and bought swift flight for all five of my capped toons I needed another week to turn my profits into inks that I can make glyphs with... now, now I have to farm and level my toon instead of making my way to being gold capped.

Cold said...

I had a plan:

1) Finish the last few mill/craft/exchange of herbs/inks w Jessica Sellers. - Done
2) Buy vanishing dust as it gets removed from vendors today. - Done
3) Post glyphs - mainly for rerolls for troll druids and tauren paladins. - Started

Got hit with girlfriend aggro. "I thought you were only going to be a couple of hours?!?!?!" all my plans got derailed by GF Aggro. So I didn't get to craft and post the BoA / twink enchants I was planning on posting. Didn't get to finish my glyph postings either. Grrrr.....At least tonight is "Teen Mom" and all the other crap on TV that I can get out of to post more. :)

So who wants to do a post on avoiding / maximizing against wife / gf / bf / husband aggro? Lol.

Lizzie said...

I was up all the way to realm closing milling herbs and buying inks from Jessica. No, I didn't prepare well enough, but I do have a lot of Glyphs and inks so here I go ready or not. I have to finish getting my Enchanter to 450 so I can use all the great enchants I bought off the auction house. Either way I am so excited about all the new changes. Question, should I finish leveling herbalism or not? I hate gathering, but I might need to do it this time for more inks.

tweell said...

I hadn't hardly started, but my system hasn't been happy since 4.0 came out. Lots of random disconnects, and it would take 3-5 minutes sitting at the load screen before logging back in (I put my PC together this year as a gaming machine, it loafs with WoW set on max everything). I managed a turn around Azshara for old times sake and moved most of my toons out of Dalaran. I hope 4.03 fixes my disconnects; it's been hard just trading, let alone farm or quest.

Elliott said...

As prepared as I could have been, snagged a few of the rare recipes, a bunch of Ancona Chickens, Dalaran pets, Stormspire pets, I also bought out a ton of Golden Pearls RIGHT before I logged for the night. I plan to flip them all when I log on later.

Anonymous said...

milled about 1k stacks. min stock of 10 of every glyph. So far Glyphmas 2.0 has been very underwhelming

Vayaz said...

I've been really busy in real life for the past days. Even went so far that I couldn't mill all my herbs and trade them for lower inks in time.

Now I'm sitting at some guild bank tabs of WotLK herbs. Sucks.

Looks like I won't have enough time to do much during the next days, too, other than finishing some articles for my blog. So no profit for me from this patch... :(

PVP Guide said...

heh, I wasn't prepared for 4.0.3, and now 4.0.6. rlly threw me off.

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