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Azshara - A gold mine

Many people truly hate Azshara, I on the other hand, love this Zone. There are so many ways to make gold in this zone it's outrageous! From Fishing, to a world dragon, a Zone event and a couple recipes, Azshara itself is a gold mine, it's a shame that it's going to be completely revamped in Cataclysm.

Want to find out what makes this zone so special...?

Globes of Water
This is the best place to farm these babies, they spawn in four or five different pools across the zone. They can sell for 10g+, and sometimes even more. It can be very easy to control this market, and to be more in depth, the Mechanical Yeti Market and prices. The map to the below shows you where you can find the pools. The pools also have a chance to drop Essence of Water, which sells quickly, but not for too much. I suggest that you stockpile a couple of these, get them cheap now, seeing as this method of obtaining them is most likely going to be removed, I suspect their prices will rise.

The World Dragon
There is a world dragon that spawns here. He is also being removed come the shattering. I suggest you take a look and see if he is up. He's extremely easy to solo with a tanking class. The drops from this guy are endless... Schematics worth 5k+ to rare epic patterns that are worth even more. If you haven't killed  a world dragon yet, go out there and do so! They're a great source of extra income for about 10-20 minutes of work.

The Zone Event
There is a zone event that happens here. The event is an elemental invasion. It is a great place to farm elemental earth. This is again another key element needed for the mechanical yeti. It is very easy to farm a bunch of elemental earth, and essence of earth here, and they both sell rather well, especially the elemental earth. Just make sure that you don't kill the boss, otherwise the elementals will stop spawning. I did this my first time, because I was like oooooh... rare! BIG mistake! Killing the "boss" will no longer spawn the elementals that spawn from the invasion. The invasion happens roughly once every three to four days, but it is worth checking for it, it' something unique to the old world, and will most likely be going away, which is a shame.

There are a couple patterns that might be going away in Cataclysm due to the drastic revamping of this zone. The recipes where covered in a post earlier last week, Items that are going away in Cataclysm. The Two Recipes that are worth getting, at least before the shattering happens are Schematic: Deepdive Helmet and Pattern: Blue Dragonscale Breastplate. They are both located in the same place, one is sold by Jubie Gadgespring, and the other pattern is sold by Blimo Gadgetspring. They are husband and wife, and reside in the same house. The Dragonscale Pattern is kind of rare to catch, but I really think it's worth camping for, if it really is going away, then it will be worth thousands upon thousands of gold.

So what are you waiting for!?!? Azshara is going to be changed, most likely this upcoming tuesday, and you will never have a chance to see this gorgeous zone! Get out there and explore Azshara for  it's true beauty!


Kammler said...

I hated questing in Azshara for the same reasons I still hate traveling there. The zone is hard to navigate. The cliffs are too high to jump from and survive (for most players) and the paths to the beach are not well marked. Once down to the beach, if you have to travel to another part of the zone you generally can't go directly there, but have to backtrack up the hills again and back down another spot.

If anyone plans to find the vendor for the patterns, the vendors are tough to find. You have to approach from the mountains down--find the path--because you can't get to them from the beach.

For all the reasons I hate this zone it has become a good farming spot for all the items you mentioned. I have one toon planted there.

Nice reminder on the World Dragon. I will hunt that down today.

Evlyxx said...

Azshara is also rich in herbs such as Dreamfoil,
Golden Sansam, Goldthorn, Khadgar's Whisker, Mountain Silversage, Purple Lotus and Sungrass

Another pattern that drops is the Stormshroud Shoulders (

Anonymous said...

No mention of the Golden Pearls and clam meat that you get from the billions of naga in the zone? For shame!

The elemental invasion of earth isn't all that great. You can get a few mats off of them, but they don't sell that well nor do the items/enchants you make with them. I'll go ahead and kill a dozen or so and then just kill the rare spawn anyway. The only old school invasions I bother with are the Air in Silithis and Water in Winterspring. The water can be profitable at times, but Air is just a floating gold mine.

Zoxy said...

Thanks for this just went there and got a dragon :)


Vayaz said...

Nice compilation indeed.

However, I suspect that Blizzard will find other ways to reintroduce all or at least part of the old world recipes that will disappear soon - exactly like they did with the Azshara fish (which you can still obtain in certain parts of Azshara, or so I believe).

You can also take the oh so hyped Razzashi Hatchling as example. I'm relieved that I did not buy a single one, therefore ending up with only 4 or so from my personal ZG side trips.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mage this is a big off topic. But do we know yet after the Shattering if we will be able to get into Mt. Hyjal and Vash'jir?

If so that would make a goldmine for Taurens, with the herbalist gloves + the herbalist +5 enchant.

PVP Guide said...

And Azshara is now changed forever! nooo!

Anonymous said...

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