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Don't forget about the Vent Meeting this Friday!

Short post today, sorry, I've been extremely sick with almost everything... pink eye, ear infection, sore throat, fevers, and I've had it for a good week or two, hopefully when It's done I can get back to posting regularly.

But anyways, don't forget about the ventrilo meeting this Friday, It will be hosted from 7 PM to 8 PM EST. I hope many of you show up and make this one interesting, you can come and ask me any type of questions, or if you even have ideas for a blog post, drop on in! Everyone is welcome, even those without a microphone, you can ask your questions through the vent chat.

Hope to see you all there!


Miss Mediocre said...

Get well soon! :)

Anonymous said...

Jeeeebus, when you get sick you dont do it half-arsed, do you? ;p
Hope you get better soon; and I look foward to hearing you on vent. Hopefully I can make it this time. :D

PVP Guide said...

ah, Vent is a beautiful creation.

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