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Camping The Dalaran Spellscribe - The Black Tabby

You're asking what a  black tabby is? Well The Black Tabby is a non combat pet that is mostly found on the horde side auction house due to the way it is obtained. Come cataclysm the best way to obtain this pet is going away, so I suggest that you start farming this pet now, and either sell the pet now, or store it for cataclysm.

Great! Where do I go?
Well first things first, ask yourself, do you have a horde toon that is about level 20? If the answer to that question is yes, then you're in business! The mob spawns in Silverpine Forest and can only be killed by horde characters.  The Mob is named Dalaran Spellscribe. He spawns roughly every three or four hours. He is located In Amber Mill, he can spawn in three places, but they are all located very close to each other. In fact what I do now is log, in and press a button ( a macro ) and if I target him, then I send my pet to attack. The macro is nothing, special, it's a simple target macro, I will post it below.
/target Dalaran Spellscribe
 Below is a screenshot of where I stand, it is where I spam my macro and If I do manage to target him, I simply send my pet after him, and I follow my pet.

How much gold am I looking at here?
Well it depends. It depends on what you ask? For one, are you going to be selling this on the Horde Auction House? or will you be smart and sell it at the Alliance Auction House? It also depends if you're even going to sell the pet, or if you are going to be holding onto it for cataclysm. At bare minimum, I value this pet at 1,000. That is if it is sold right after you obtain it, and post it at the Horde Auction House. If you transfer it to the Alliance Auction House, you're looking at something around 4-5,000g. Now, I myself currently have enough gold, so I plan on saving these for cataclysm, where they will be rare. I predict their prices will go somewhere near 10,000g, if not more, due to how rare it will become. The only other place to obtain this pet is from mobs that have a .01% ( 175 out of 147531 ). So yeah, the rarity of this pet is going to increase, and therefore will it's price come Cataclysm


Cold said...

Don't let your pet kill it before you tag it though. That would suck as you'd get no loot.

Anonymous said...

I started camping this guy cuz of this post, and within a few hours found him and got the drop.

Just to confirm, there's no way Blizzard would suspend you or anything for transferring stuff across factions, right?

The Coin Master said...

No, it's perfectly legal, you do need a second account or friend, as you cannot buy your auctions from the AH.

Loren Wade said...

Interesting. I guess it wouldn't be much different than just buying a bunch on the AH then, would it? On my AH, they go for only about 1k, even right now. Even if they double in price at Cataclysm, that's profit!

BD said...

ive camped this guy for a few weeks now. not regulary but i've killed him +10 times and not seen the drop yet :/

Anonymous said...

I finally got him after 6 or 7 kills. I almost didn't loot it because I dont have auto loot on the character I had camping him. The spellscribe dropped 3 trash things and the cat was 4 which makes you scroll down.

His respawn time atleast on my server is very very weird sometimes within a hour and sometimes days, unless someone was camping him too, but I never saw them. :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like this turned out to be a zone drop now. Still hoping to turn some profit, I farmed 3 and bought one out for 500g pre-patch. Hoping to try to sell them for around 1000, but my server is low pop and pets don't move very fast.

PVP Guide said...

I sell these for ~100g on my server, affter 4.0.6 patch

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