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Thinking about making a chopper soon? Don't!

Are you thinking about buying a chopper soon? Are you saving up for it? Trying to get it before Cataclysm? Well don't buy one! Huh? Don't buy one? Mageshadow have you gone crazy? " I've always wanted one, and now you're telling me not to buy one? " Yes, I said don't buy one. Well okay, you can buy one, after Cataclysm hits!

What's the deal?
Come Cataclysm guild perks will be available, there is one specific perk that can save you 10% off your chopper, nice huh? The Perk is called Bartering. It removes 10% off vendor prices. This means that if you wait until cataclysm, you can save 1250g!

My suggestion would be to pick up the non vendor materials before Cataclysm, as they are pretty cheap now, come Cataclysm, their prices are going to rise due to people not making them anymore. If you are smart, you can pick up the non vendor parts now to save you even more gold down the road.

Cataclysm is less than a month away, if you're saving up now, I suggest you just keep on saving, even if you get enough for a chopper now.


Kammler said...

Very nice tip. I have been waiting to buy one and now I have a good reason to wait even longer! Beginning to gather mats now, so very timely.

Cold said...

Also look for materials on the auction house. Engineers can loot some of the bike parts when they skin mechanical bosses.

Daystalker said...

Also worth thinking about exactly how often you will use a ground mount once Cata comes out and everyone is flying around the Vanilla Isles.

SirFWALGMan said...

NOW YOU TELL ME! heh. I probably would have done it anyways... did give me another Enchanting point...

PVP Guide said...

I'm more of a fan of the goblin mounts!

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