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Hello Fellow Bloggers!

Hello everyone! I've gotten a couple recent e-mails with people telling me to check out their blog, and lately I've been so busy that I read them, and kind of ignore them ( Sorry! ). I will do that no longer! I would like to name a couple new blogs that are looking rather good, and have been added to my blog roll.

Want to know what they are...?

Kammler's Korner
Kammler has been pumping out interesting content lately, especially an excellent guest post on Just My Two Copper. Keep it up, keep writing good content, I hope your blog flourishes and becomes something that you'll learn to love, I've added you to my blog roll as well. Best of luck!

Zenith's Round Table
This is another blog that has started up rather nicely. There are are several good posts here as well. Zenith seems like a great individual with awesome ideas, I expect good content out of him. I've added you to my blog roll as well. Keep up the good work! Best of luck with your blog!

Foo's WoW Mussings
This is a well established blog that has been up for sometime now, I don't know why I haven't added him to my blogroll. The content here is great, and another plus for being well established, check him out! Good Luck, and I hope you keep posting constantly.

Not So Secret Society
Another new gold blog, but the tips so far have been splendid, I hope you keep your blog, keep posting regularly, and your blog will flourish. I've added you to my blog roll as well. Best of luck!

I Has Stuffs
This is an up and coming blog, it's only a couple days old, but I talked with Dizzysmooshr in the IRC, I liked how we thought somewhat alike. It's awesome that he's also part of the Consortium Forums. I can see great content come out of your blog, I hope you stick with it. Best of luck, and sorry for posting my Inscription post ( Lol )!

That's all I have folks, check their blogs out and maybe drop a comment, new bloggers are always welcome, they bring new ideas, and a fresh set of mentality. I wish you four best of luck and hope you all enjoy blogging as much as I do.

One tip I can offer to you bloggers out there, is to get your name out there, visit the forums, post a link, join the IRC, make a twitter account, spread your name anywhere you can, spread the buzz that you're out there and you have ideas, fresh new ideas that you want everyone to read. Don't be afraid, most of us don't bite and we're actually nice people that love to help others. What's the worst that can happen?


Kammler said...

Thanks for the props! Glad you enjoy the blog and content. I'm trying to keep my perspective fresh.

I've discovered Zenith's and Foo's blogs recently and enjoy them both a lot. Not So Secret and I Has Stuffs are both new for me, but I will give them a read.

Appreciate your content--keep it up.


PS--an an FYI, there is no "L" in the name, its just Kammler....

Mageshadow said...

Sorry about that Kammler, it's been fixed :)

Cold said...

Welcome to the scene gang! Will you stick around and keep pushing forward like Cold's Gold Factory and The Gnomish Coin?

Many gold bloggers come and go. Hope to see more survive the storm and push forwards into Cataclysm with us.

Zoxy said...

Cheers for this some new blogs i haven't found yet .

Well I have recently started playing wow again and have also started blogging so i will shamelessly drop a link to let you have a look


Markco said...

I really love the community that is forming around gold blogging. Great post today Gnomish Coin! Keep supporting each other and let me know if anyone needs help, but also remember to guest post for each other and talk about each other's posts, collaboration is the key.

Kreaton said...

Wow, thank you for the compliments and the good luck :-D
I'll do my best to continue blogging!

I already knew all of these blog (except for I Has Stuffs), but for some reason I hadn't Kammler's and Zenith's on my blogroll, even if I usually visit them.... fixed!

Vayaz said...

Seems like I'll have to update my "recommended" blogs anytime soon. Hopefully, my site layout is big enough to take all those new and upcoming quality blogs!

Haha, well, I'll need some time to read through all those blogs I've discovered recently. But then, I shall add some for sure.

PVP Guide said...

I just had the chance to check out some of the blogs listed. I have to say I'm pretty impressed. More things for me to read muhaha

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