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Why use your engineer teleports

Many people don't know about these portals, either that or they simply don't make them, which is a shame, really.

For one, they're a great for transportation, even if it has a 4 hour cooldown, they're a great way to navigate around Azeroth and Outlands. Another great thing about these teleports is that all of them teleport you to a place that is relatively close to a vendor that will make you easy gold. Some will make you more than others, but nevertheless, they'll still make you easy gold.

The gold opportunities depend on what type of engineer you are, want to find out what they are...?

Goblin Engineer
Dimensional Ripper - Area 52
This is by far one the best teleports. You're two seconds away from Quiff, The Magical Goblin, who sells a variety of engineering items that can be flipped for huge amounts of profit, especially the Khorium Power Core. You're also not far away from The Stormspire which you can go grab yourself a couple vendor pets that can be flipped for profit.

Dimensional Ripper - Everlook
This isn't a bad teleport, but it doesn't make as much gold as the others. You can snag yourself a couple rare spawn recipes here that can be flipped for good amounts of gold, one of them being the fused wiring schematic. This schematic can sell anywhere from 25-30g on my server. If you don't have the Mechanical Yeti schematic yet, you can start the quest here ( do it before cataclysm! ). The Yeti can make yourself some excellent gold.

Gnomish Engineer
Ultrasafe Transporter: Gadgetzan
This is another excellent teleport. It puts you seconds away from several recipes which can be sold at the auction house for profit. One of the best recipes to pick is the Recipe: Philosopher's Stone. This recipe is an alchemists "choke" point and therefore is needed by 90% of all alchemists, most of then are not willing to venture to Tanaris and will pay anywhere from 25-50g

Ultrasafe Transporter: Toshley's Station
This is also an excellent teleport, but only because it puts you a minute away from Netherstorm, where there are a couple vendors that sell things that can be flipped for nice profits.

So what are you waiting for...? Go use them and snag yourself some easy gold!


Sykez said...

Very nice post mage, I myself had never used them for anything but the Transform debuff. I never thought about how close toshley's was to Netherstorm vendors.

I'll email you about the guest post thing soon :)
Just Another Goblin

Luke said...

Don't forget the wormhole portal which has a very small chance to send you underneath Dalaran where there's a vendor that sells the Arcanite Dragonling schematic (limited supply).

Vayaz said...

I've been using the Wormhole regularly, but never thought about the old teleportation devices. Thanks for reminding, I'll try it out soon.

(By the way: The wormhole sucks. I've been in the underground 3 times only, and this was the same day. Obviously the patterns were sold out the 2 times after I already bought them)

Silverthorn said...

The Engineering teleports will be much more useful when the portals in Dalaran and Shattrath are removed, later today!

PVP Guide said...

@Silverthorn, Ya more useful for you, more of an annoyance for others!
lol, in all seriousness, great post and thanks as always.

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