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Stockin Up On Inks... Before Cataclysm

Cataclysm is less than three weeks away, and with the coming changes, Jessica Sellers is going to be changed. She will no longer trade in Inks of The Sea for other inks, Come Cataclysm, she will instead be trading Blackfallow Inks, for other inks. Smart people will have Inks already stocked up and traded before Cataclysm hits.

Inscription is going to make you thousands upon thousands of gold, it just depends on how ready you will be for the second "Glyphmas" of Cataclysm...?

Why Stockpile?
First of all, if you're smart you're going to stockpile, and you will stockpile enough inks to last you a LONG time. Why? Because, I don't see the new Cataclysm herbs dropping to under 25-40g per stack during the first month, in fact I can see them going for 50-100g per stack during the first few weeks. I would have enough inks to last at bare minimum, a week. I will be stockpiling enough inks to last me roughly three weeks.

I currently have 800 stacks of adder's tongue that I picked up for 8g per stack. The deal with buying these gems now is that once you mill everything, you will have enough snowfall ink to pay for the herbs. Basically using this method ( Read Comments ), you're crafting glyphs are free, or no cost. This allows me to lower my thresh hold substantially, I can post glyphs at 10g.

What I have been doing lately as well if lowering my thresh hold down to 5g and buying out the dumb under cutters . This allows me to get cheap glyphs, at under 5g, while not spending the time to mill the herbs and make the inks. You do have to be careful though, as they will and can buy your stuff out as well.

But I'm not a scribe!
You better become one then! I have posted a short guide on Inscription and how to batch post items after 4.0.1. You better start leveling a scribe, and now. The sooner the better as you will need tons of days for research. There is no excuse so be making thousands upon thousands of gold every day!

Cataclysm is coming... will you be ready?


Anonymous said...

I don't understand this sentence..."the deal with buying gems now is that once you mill everything, you will have enough snowfall ink to pay for the herbs. Basically using this method, you're crafting glyphs are free, or no cost."

Please elaborate

Mageshadow said...

If you're buying herbs as cheap as 10g/stack you can sell your snowfall ink raw at 5g each ( 100g/stack )

You get around 2 snowfall inks out of every stack, so if you sell them that would pay for the stack of herbs, making your inks of the sea completely free, so you can basically craft glyphs for as cheap as 5g per stack.

Stede said...

This may be a dumb question, but I have to ask - how does anyone figure there will be a second Glyphmas? Players won't be re-rolling new toons until their main hits 85. We should be a good 2-3 weeks into Cata before most people start thinking about new toons.

Am I missing something?

Skwidspawn said...

I don't know what the situation on your server is like, but finding herbs for 8g?! That's ludicrously low! The cheapest on Cenarius are hovering at around 20g for the highest level, and 15g for the lower level herbs (all the way down to silverleaf, no joke). Most of the competition for glyphs in the AH has started moving to selling glyphs that are selling for more than 50g as making a reasonable profit at less than that is difficult. I'm sure they're also stocking up on glyphs and inks in preparation for cataclysm, hence the high price of herbs.

Personally I am using my snowfall ink to raise my rep with the Darkmoon Faire, though I'm almost to 3000 inks in storage. I doubt that will hold me for long on this server. I made over 150k in the first few days after the patch, glyphmas 2.0 should be smaller, but with significantly less competition (thank you Jessica!), and besides, it's not like the price on glyphs is going to go DOWN in cataclysm!

Anonymous said...


Current players may not be re-rolling new toons immediately, but don't forget about the tons of totally NEW players, players re-rolling a worgen/goblin with the intent of leveling from 1-85 (not 80-85 on a current toon), and even all of the players that have unsubscribed and will only be reactivating their accounts on Dec 7th.

No matter how active your server might feel now, new expansions always bring a great deal of new players, as well as new toons. AKA a second Glyphmas.

I've been stockpiling inks as well, but herbs have been terribly hard to come by on my server, which is really a surprise (its heavily populated). The cheapest they fall is roughly 16g/stack, so I've been having to make due. Unfortunately I don't think I'll be able to get enough ink before Cata :(

Anty said...

Awesome post as always, Thinking of rolling a scribe come Cata.

Of topic, What UI are you using i noticed it is very different to the one you are linking to.

Mageshadow said...

That's the UI

As far as the second glyphmas, it's going to be when Jessica Sellers changes inks. People won't have supply to make inks and there is going to be a huge demands due to the new class combos and the new races. Low supply, High Demand, Think about it.

Azuriel said...

New players won't be able to afford the glyphs at the prices people plan on selling them. The 2nd Glyphmas market is going to be solely those older players who "come back" for Cata.

Mageshadow said...

New Players? What about people who re-roll worgen or goblin? people leveling in the "new" old world? And like you said people who "come back" for Cataclysm.

Either way you look at it, there will be a shortage of glyphs during the first few weeks as herb prices are going to stay extremely high ( Cataclysm herbs ). Unless you have inks stockpiled before hand, you are going to be paying top dollar for the new Cataclysm herbs, which will make glyph prices rise and your thresh hold is going to have to be raised, unless you want to sell glyphs at a loss.

Dizzy said...

Couldn't agree more. I've been doing the same thing for a wile. In fact I made a post on it today as well Also commented on why it may not be worth stocking ink to last you too long into cata if the price isn't right on your server.

Anonymous said...

I wish adder's tongue would drop that low on my server. It went down briefly to 10g and I bought up quite a few stacks, but then it rose back up to 15-20g per stack later that day. I guess your server has lot of botters? haha

Anonymous said...

Mageshadow, which inks should we stockpile? I'm not quite understanding what you are saying, I'm sorry. I have a ton of inks of the sea; are you saying I should convert those into the lower inks?

Anonymous said...


Yes, that's what he's saying. Tuesday 4.0.3 hit. When 4.0.3a hits (either this Tuesday or next, most likely), Jessica Sellers will no longer convert Ink of the Sea into other ink types.

So if you currently have 1,000,000 Ink of the sea and only convert to other inks when you need them, you will get SCREWED when that patch hits.

I've been keeping my ink divided up evenly for the last few weeks. In fact, I'll probably stock a little less Ink of the Sea than the others because I suspect that the Wrath herbs will still be more available after Cata hits than the others will.

Shaft said...

8g a stack!!!
Herb prices on my server went up like a month ago meaning that the top level herbs start at 30g a stack if I find them for 20g I am laughing my head off so 8g just blows my mind. Good luck to you.

Mirinia said...

Just got 80 stacks for 9g each ;D O happy day ;D

Admin said...
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PVP Guide said...

Herb prices are relatively cheap on my server, even after the cataclysm release.

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