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Old Thomas Yance, The Traveling Salesman

First things first, don't forget about the vent meeting tonight at 7-8PM EST, I will post the vent information promptly at 6:30, giving everyone a 1/2 hour. I hope to see you all there!

Poor Thomas Yance, being called old and he's barely old, hehe... Anywho, Today's post is about a vendor that is rarely seen by people, a vendor that many people don't even know exist, a very cool yet cruel vendor that kills level ones and steals their clothing and then tries to sell them back to players ( that's my theory! )

Thomas Yance is a vendor located in Old Hillsbrad Foothills, not the regular old and boring Hillsbrad Foothills, OLD Hillsbrad Foothills, which is located inside of the Caverns of Time. Thomas Yance sells a leatherworking pattern that can be flipped for a rather nice price. The Pattern is.... Pattern: Riding Crop.

One of the great things is that, the pattern costs 5g to pick up, and can be flipped for anywhere between 100-150g easily. Why? Because people don't know about this pattern, I'm sure only people that played during Burning Crusade know about this pattern. The rarity of this pattern helps, as there is rarely any competition for it, I've sold a couple for 150g each, but I found the sweet spot to be roughly 100g.

Another great thing is that you can learn the pattern and attempt to sell the actual item, as it still fetches a nice coin. The materials should be rather cheap, especially if you manage to pick up a cheap primal might, or better yet, if you can transmute your own.

I'm not sure about stockpiling these for Cataclysm as I don't see many changes to the Caverns of time, but it can't really hurt.

So what are you waiting for? Take a trip down to Old Hillsbrad Foothills and give Old Ye Thomas Yance, The Traveling Salesman a visit!


Kammler said...

Caverns of Time is a place I have seldom visited. I certainly will take a journey back in time very soon. Perhaps tomorrow. Or would that then become today? I'm confused.....

But, I've often wondered where this pattern could be found. I'm assuming its limited supply. Any idea what the respawn timer may be?

Zoxy said...

Just went in and got so about to flip it

Also i went down to southshore and the Aged Dalaran Wizard sells a Enchanting Recipe : Enchant Shield Intellect which sell quite well on my server

Thanks for the tip


Anonymous said...

Definitely a server-dependent pattern. The most I've ever sold it for across 5 servers is 25g.

While some people like to collect recipes, the level cap for its usefulness turns a lot of people away from this one.

It's definitely worth trying out as you're bound to make a profit regardless, but it might not be worth the time to hunt it down. The vendor paths so he's not always in the same place, but he sticks to the roads so he's not all that hard to find.

As Zoxy mentioned, I find the enchant recipe to be more profitable, and you do have the option of also purchasing rum for the twinks and all of the starter cloths.

CoT has plenty of options for profit (might as well through easily obtained BC items for d/e fodder into the mix), so it's always worth a trip now and then.

Acadia said...

While there don't forget to stock up on rum! Sure it's not Hugely profitable but it's still 5+g a stack. you can also sell the Shirts he your vendor sells for OK gold (5-10g each)

PVP Guide said...

Is this vender still there, anyone know?
I'm about to go searching!

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