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What I did in the first minutes of patch 4.0.3a

Man, what a crazy patch! All of the old world stuff, the new maps, and a couple old things were left in there, Gilneas, new glyphs, ... /cry Ironforge didn't get revamped...

Any who, the first thing I did when I logged in was, look at Ironforge, nothings changed, kind of bummed me out... I really hate Stormwind. After seeing that Ironforge was not changed, I teleported to Dalaran, I instantly went to check Jessica Sellers. It turned out that it was true, she no longer takes in Inks of The Sea for other inks, instead, she now wants Blackfallow Inks, or the cataclysm equivalent. I then talked to the short gnome next to her, and noticed that the technique, Glyph of Quick Decay is now gone. Instead, Glyph of Lash Of Pain is in it's place. I wonder where it went, anyone who had any, should make some decent coin ( check your AH! )

I then went off to Tanaris, and checked if Dirge was selling his recipe. Nope, sadly this little gnome does not want to reveal his secret to the rest of Azeorth. Off to Stormwind I was, I checked out the new city, it was cool, I was still bummed out though, everyone hates Stormwind ( YES, you do ) why would they revamp this cluttered and stupid city? Why not Ironforge? I logged off my main, and went onto my tailor, I posted 20 bags at 9g each, bought all the netherweave cloth under 10g a stack, I did this in order to create a semi-wall effect.

I then hoped onto my alliance scribe, canceled, restocked, and reposted, I camped the AH for about an hour just to make sure that the competition didn't undercut me. By the end of the night, I met my 2k quota that I meet every morning, so in total, today was an excellent glyph day.

What did you do during the first minutes of 4.0.3a?
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Anonymous said...

Glyph of Quick Decay taught Glyph of Lash Of Pain after 4.0.1 or 4.0.3, whichever it was. This is just them fixing the item to show what it actually teaches now.

Cold said...

I did the new cooking daily in Org, grabbed the fishing daily too, but didnt complete it as I was busy posting more cooking recipes. Cooking recipes are selling like crazy since Pilgrim's Bounty and everyone got a taste of cooking skill-ups with the daily quests. Recipes can't be restocked fast enough and are selling at 150% of my selling price which is already higher than market value. Yes I do buy low and sell High. Screw selling normal like Markco says. :)

Sahas said...

First order of business was to see how well the efforts of some of my competitors paid off in terms of "soft resetting" some of the glyph prices. Prior to the patch, my sub-20g glyphs started disappearing en masse as a result of other scribes buying them up in order to flip them. Sadly, half of my cheaper glyphs were purchased prior to me catching on, so I quickly cancelled all the remaining cheapos and waited for my competition to start reposting for higher.

The majority of my time on tuesday was spent organizing my glyph and ink situation. I had quickly outgrown my single gbank for both ink and glyphs, so I decided to decentralize the glyph portion to a bank alt in the UC. My scribe still comfortably crafts from dal.

A few batch posts and some heroic farming rounded out the night with a total income of about 5.5k. Posting no more than twice, two glyphs at a time, I'm certain now that I under estimated the demand spike and thus limited my income last night.

Oh well, with the ink change I expect glyph supply will not be able to adequately keep up with demand, so prices will inflate a little. Hopefully this trend can endure for two weeks so that we have an even higher platform from which to boost the initial cata glyph rush.

Vayaz said...

Could only manage to come online in the evening, when all the precious sales were already made. My planning was totally screwed anyway.

PVP Guide said...

I spent a good hour reading the patch notes lol.

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