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Tracker Snacks - Sell Them Now!

Pilgrims bounty is upon us, and everyone is trying to get their achievements as soon as possible so they can get it over with.

There is one achievement that requires you to kill 40 turkeys in either Elwynn Forest or Durotar, it's really difficult without having a way to track the turkeys, you could make a macro, but most people choose to go buy one or two Tracker Snacks, this allows them to track the turkeys on your map, making this achievement very, very easy.

How do I obtain this recipe?
This recipe is purchased with 3 Dalaran Cooking Award obtained by doing the daily cooking quests in Dalaran. If you don't have this recipe yet, I suggest you start by leveling your cooking using the Pilgrims Bounty, and then doing the dailies for three days.

Where do I obtain Shoveltusk Flank?
The only place to obtain this are in Howling Fjord, I took a flight point to Howling Fjord from Dalaran, I landed 5 minutes later, I flew around and managed to farm 20 Flanks in 5 minutes, It's extremely easy and they're all over the place and they come in packs.

I find that advertising in trade helps a TON when selling these babies. So far I've sold about 30 at 17-20g each, it's really easy gold for little to no time. I advertise while I mill, and craft inks.


Vayaz said...

I was able to sell a few in the first day, but now competition has jumped in and crushed the prices to half of what I charged before.

This is bad for me, since the Shoveltusk Flank still sell for the old price and are completely sold out.
I should've crafted less of these and sold Flanks only. My stock has been depleted quickly and Pilgrim's Bounty has only just begun.

PVP Guide said...

Are these still worth anything?

Anonymous said...

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