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Enchant Weapon - Strength - Huge profits!

Man, I truly love this enchant, It's become more of a "niche" market for me. I basically call the shots for this enchant, and the profits on this enchant are outrageous to say the least.

Where do I pick up this enchant?
This recipe is bought from a vendor inside of Blackrock Depths. It requires the reputation of friendly with the Thorium Brotherhood, which I must say in a away is kind of nice, as not many people are willing to raise their reputation for a single scroll. That is probably the only downside to this enchant, that it requires a reputation that is semi difficult to get to friendly. This is why almost no one has this enchant.

Why does this enchant sell?
It is bought because it is the best enchant for strenght based melee classes, such as Death Knights and Warriors. Sure, that might not be a huge payer base ( Lol yeah right, everyone and their mother has a DK ) but. surprisingly, the enchant sells rather well.

There are none at the Auction House! How Much do I list them for?
I normally list them at 200g each, I keep two up a the Auction House at all times, and most of the time, the same person buys both ( because they have two weapons ). You could try 250g per scroll, but I've found 200g to be the "sweet spot"


Cold said...

Any deathknight using a BoA weapon and this enchant is an idiot. Runeforging a regular weapon is a much smarter option.

These sell to low level warriors using BoA weapons, but even then Crusader is a better choice imo.

The Coin Master said...

Not sure what you're talking about Cold, You can't reforge BOA's so I think this is a good enchant to slap of the 2H BOA Axe.

Crusader is a decent choice as well, but it kind of "poops" out at level 70

Sinshroud said...

Aye Cold, you can't put Runeforging on BoA weapons you silly billy. :)

anaalius said...

Great tip. Still need to get that bad boy on my enchanter.

Crusader is selling well as thats the best alternative and some people just love procs :D

Cold said...

I know you can't runeforge a BoA Weapon, thats why I said, "Runeforging a REGULAR weapon is a much smarter option."

Elliott said...

Amazing tip, Thank you ;)

Faid said...

I wouldn't really say Thorium Brotherhood is difficult. Wanting Mighty Intellect on my enchanter, who got RAF'd 1-60 and has no rep to speak of with anything, I ran out to Thorium Point, did a full round of quests there, bought some Dark Iron Residue and cheap Lava Cores and went from Neutral to Revered in three hours. :)

Faid said...

On all my strength-based toons I've been getting Crusader for my weapons; the proc rate is great and ends up being tons of strength. Am I weird? o.O

Anonymous said...

Actually guys, you CAN runeforge BoA's now, I finished 79 with an Heirloom Arcanite Cleaver complete with Fallen Crusader Enchant. I haven't sent the weapon to another toon yet but I would imagine it behaves the same as the Inscription shoulder enchants do and simply shuts down if you don't meet the requirements.

Anonymous said...

Agreed... my 79 DK reforged my BOA just yesterday. Maybe it's a new thing?

Anonymous said...

Sorry... spelling... runeforged my BOA weapon. not reforged.

PVP Guide said...

Great post. I'm a little late reading it, but I enjoy reading old posts of WoW. Brings back memories.(even if this was a couple months ago) lol

Anonymous said...

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