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Refer A Friend Oppurtunity!

Recently, Blizzard have lowered the prices for WoW, and it's expansions up to Wrath of The Lich King. It is a special promotion that is going on for Black Friday, basically, Vanilla WoW Costs $5, Burning Crusade Costs $5, and Wrath Of The Lich King  Costs $10. You can have the full game ( right now ), for $20, which is pretty damn cheap, compared to the regular $60-70 you'd normally pay

This is a great oppurtunity to start a refer a friend account, or a second account that can be used for posting/crafting while playing the game. Either way, for $5 it's a steal, I reccomment you snag one. I am currently leveling a warrior, and I went 1-40 in a day, with five hours total played, it's insane how fast it is to level, especially with the refer a friend bonus.

One of the best things about this refer a friend deal, is that you could actually refer a real friend, or you could refer yourself, and if he pays for 1 month of extra subscription, then you get a month free credited. If your friend buys two months of game time, then you also the get X-53 Touring Rocket, the only two man flying mount currently available in the game.

Another great plus, is that if the account is purely bought for posting while you're playing the game on your main, this basically allows you to camp the Auction House 24/7, thus increasing your daily income by insane amounts.

The US Blizzard Store
The EU Blizzard Store

The Bonus's are great, so what are you waiting for? Go buy yourself a copy right NOW, this deal won't last!
Image courtesy of Mmo-Champion.


Anonymous said...

This is really interesting, thank you for the info.

I have one question though, if for example we buy only vanilla and we put our banker/trader there, is he able to trade any other expansion materials?

Just wondering...
Thank you

Cold said...

Yes he can. You just need the newer expansions to increase the characters level cap or to play the exclusive expansion released races.

Anonymous said...

Thank you cold, great to know!


Vayaz said...

The flaws I see with this are as follows:

1. You may be able to camp the Auction House all day, but this will eat a lot of your time too! If you like to play the game at some time, it should be your goal to minimise your money-making time while achieving the highest gold/time ratio, not camping all the time.

2. Buying classic WoW for $5 is definitely cheap, but you'll have to pay the usual money every month for both accounts nevertheless. It's possibly questionable whether this will pay out in the long run. To me, this doesn't seem like a very good idea.

Harold said...

$5 for one month during the cataclysm gold extravaganza! Sooo worth it. Plus, with the second account you can move goods from horde to alliance and vice versa. Hands down worth all 500 pennies. I will be canceling after one month, though. Then I'll wait 90 days and use a scroll of resurrection. Activate it. Then get one month free on my main account. Basically, giving me free access on my 2nd account. Then I'll cancel again after the 30 days.

Anonymous said...

Not sure if it will work, I had 9100+ justice points before patch 4.0.3 released. I spent them all on boa items. I am leaving my guy to rest till Cataclysm. Hopefully I can refund all the boa items and get me back 91oo justice points. Will have to see. The worst that happens is I have great Boa items for my new and upcoming alts.

PVP Guide said...

I would agree with Vayaz, it's not the best idea.

It's a great marketing technique by Blizzard, but I'm not sure how effective its been, or if it will be effective.

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